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How to use the Vivint Smart Hub in your Lexington smart home

November 06, 2023
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At the heart of your home’s security, the Vivint Smart Hub connects your locks, security sensors, cameras, and thermostats into a unified system. This easy-to-use, 7-inch color interface places you in complete control of your Lexington home’s automation and security. See how it will help you and check out suggestions to get started.

How can you benefit from the Vivint Smart Hub in Lexington?

Connecting wirelessly to sensors and other implements through radio wave transmissions and Z-Wave communications, the Vivint Smart Hub is the control system for your residence. You can arm or disarm your system, control lights, update the thermostat, and more. If incorporating a doorbell camera, you can even speak to visitors at your front door. The Vivint Smart Hub includes a backup battery and built-in cellular connectivity to ensure reliable performance. It also gives you total remote operability with the Vivint smartphone app.

Here are some of the duties you can execute:

  • Review live or recorded video from all linked cameras
  • Arm and disarm your home security
  • Toggle lights on or off
  • Open or close your garage door
  • Change your home comfort settings
  • Communicate directly to monitoring professionals

You can take convenience to another level with your Vivint Smart Hub in Lexington by implementing schedules or initiating preferences. To illustrate, you might have your smart thermostat adjust automatically each night at a particular time. Or, you can add rules like having your front door unlock when the smoke alarm trips.

Steps for arming and disarming your system

Before you delve into all the terrific things your Vivint Smart Hub can perform, you’ll want to know how to arm and disarm your home’s security. It’s straightforward - just abide by these steps:

  • Press the shield icon on the home screen and swipe to the left for “Stay” and right for “Away.”
  • Stay indicates you will still be present in your house and arms everything except interior doors and motion sensors.
  • Away means you will be away, and all sensors in the home will engage.
  • To disarm, just slide the shield icon down and enter your PIN.

You’ll observe a warning if the system isn’t prepared to arm. To illustrate, an open window or door will cue you to take action. Keep in mind that you may still arm the system by using the above steps. You will then need to verify you would like to bypass the sensor that isn’t engaged.

How to add or remove users to your Vivint Smart Hub in Lexington

Although multiple users can be set up during the initial installation, you will probably want to add or remove a user down the road. Here’s how to do it.

  • Tap the menu icon (three dots) on the bottom right of the main screen.
  • Touch “Users” and type in your PIN.
  • Touch “Add new user” near the bottom.
  • Select “Name,” enter the the name you want to use, and press the Next button.
  • If you would like to provide the user remote access, select email or phone and submit the info to dispatch an invitation.
  • Hit Next and then enter a PIN for the added user.
  • To delete a user, just navigate to the menu, tap users, select the user you wish to delete, and then press “Delete User.”

Automate and secure your home with Vivint

Would you like to take control of your home’s automation and security with an easy-to-use touchscreen console? You’ll enjoy the Vivint Smart Hub and your new Lexington security system. Contact (859) 203-1366 to get started.